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Youth Recreational Soccer - fresh air - excercise - fun - social interaction for players and parents! Servicing Garson, Skead, Coniston, Falconbridge and New Sudbury since 1997!



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Shin Pads


  1. What is the Age range for our league?

    We accept registrations from children turning between 4 and 21 years of age this calendar year.

  2. What is the youngest age my child can start playing?

    If they are 4 years old or if they will be turning 4 this year then they are eligible to play soccer. 

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  1. What is the Registration Cost?

    In-Person Registrations

    Saturday, February 20th, 2016 and Saturday, March 5th, 2016

    Northeastern Public School 10:00AM–2:00PM

    Early Bird Fee: $90/player 2011-2012

    Early Bird Fee: $100/player 1995-2010

    We accept CASH or CHEQUE only

    Proof of age for each player is required

    Mail-in Registrations

    March 6th to April 30th, 2016

    Registration Fee: $115/player 2011-2012

    Registration Fee: $125/player 1995-2010

    We accept CHEQUE and E-transfer

    Proof of age for each player is required



    Late fee: $140/player 2011-2012

    Late fee: $150/player 1995-2010

  2. What does my Registration fee cover?

    Registration fees cover the cost of: field maintenance, insurance, referees, overhead, accounting, coaching supplies, equipment and year-end playoff medals and BBQ. Our sponsors help offset the cost of uniforms consisting of shirts, socks and shorts.

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  1. What are the Divisions for this season?

    We are waiting for our numbers before we decide on divisions

  2. What does U4, U6, U8, U10, U13, U17 & 18+ mean?

    Age is determined by calendar year, not how old the child is prior or post season.

    U4 Developmental = turning 4 (this calendar year)

    U5 Developmental=turning 5 (this calendar year)

    U6 = turning 6

    U8 = turning 7 and 8

    U10 = turning 9 and 10

    U13 = turning 11,12 and 13

    U17 = turning 14, 15, 16 and 17

    18+ = turning 18 +

  3. Can my child play up a division?

    A child may play up one division as long as the age gap is not more than 3 years.

  4. Can my child play down a division?

    The registration software that the OSA uses does not allow older players to play in younger divisions. If there are medical conditions or safety concerns, please let us know and we may be able to get an exception from the OSA.

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  1. Where are games played?

    All games are played at the Falconbridge fields beside the Recreation Centre.  Please check the Fields tab for instructions on how to get there.

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Game Cancelations

  1. How will I know if a game is cancelled?

    How will I know if a game is cancelled?

    During rain days, the fields are assessed by the City. If the City determines the fields to be unsafe, the City will cancel the game. Games can also be cancelled by the referee if they consider the field conditions to be unsafe for the players. Lightning during play will also cancel the remander of a game. If the City cancels a game, we usually receive an email around 3:00 PM. We then post the cancellation on our ALERTS tab and send out an EMAIL BLAST to all of our SUBSCRIBERS. If you would like to subscribe to our site, please sign on to our MAILING LIST.

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Nickel Centre Soccer

  1. What is Nickel Centre Soccer?

    Nickel Centre Soccer is a non-profit, youth, recreational soccer league. We are affiliated with the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and abide by their rules and regulations. We are community: driven, organized and sponsored, the entire Club is composed of volunteers and we take great pride in watching our league grow. We have been able to maintain some of the lowest registration prices in the district because we have great sponsors that give generously. Please visit our sponsor’s page (link). NCS services Garson, Falconbridge, Skead, Coniston and parts of New Sudbury.

  2. How can I get in touch with Nickel Centre Soccer?

    We do all of our correspondence through email. Please join our mailing list for important notices. (link)

  3. What are the benefits of recreational soccer?

    Recreational soccer is a great way to ensure your child stays active and gets fresh air while also providing an opportunity for parents to engage their community, relax and watch their children play! Nickel Centre Soccer wishes to promote soccer as an activity, where having fun and fostering sportsmanship is more important than winning every game. As a Club, our goal is to ensure each player feels like an integral part of their team. It’s important to us that every player has equal field time and can walk away from our season feeling gratified, rewarded and wanting to come back for another season.

  4. How do I get email notifications from Nickel Centre Soccer?

    To receive important notices from Nickel Centre Soccer (like event reminders, rain cancelations, etc.) join our Mailing List. (link)

  5. Are we looking for referees?

    Yes, we are always looking for referees. Referees are not considered volunteers and are paid for their work. A potential ref must be 12 years old by March 31st or older to become a referee. If interested in becoming a referee, please email the Club at [email protected]

  6. What is the OSA?

    The OSA (Ontario Soccer Association) was founded in 1901 and is one of the oldest and largest sport organizations in Canada. The OSA provides leadership and support for the advancement of soccer by providing exceptional and sustainable programs and services to their members. The Association's membership is comprised of 290 Youth and 860 Senior Clubs across Ontario.


    Objectives of the OSA include:

    1. Promoting and developing the game of soccer within its boundaries.

    2. Helping individuals develop their characters as resourceful and responsible members of their community by providing opportunities, through the game of soccer, for their mental, physical, social and leadership development.


    And, as written in Nickel Centre Soccer’s constitution, NCS shall be a member and shall follow the published rules of the District Association and the Ontario Soccer Association. NCS is subject to the published rules in declining order of authority of the following governing organizations to which it is affiliated:

    1. The OSA

    2. The SRSA (District Association)

    3. Nickel Centre Soccer

  7. What is the SRSA?

    The SRSA (Sudbury Regional Soccer Association) is the governing body for all youth and adult soccer played in the City of Greater Sudbury. It also includes Elliot Lake, Manitoulin Island and Espanola for both outdoor and indoor soccer. In 2006, the SRSA had over 7,000 players registered from youth to adults. Through each league and club, the Association offers coaching clinics, referee clinics as well as other special interest seminars relating to the sport of soccer. It reports to the Ontario Soccer Association provincially which reports to the Canadian Soccer Association nationally.

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  1. When do I get my pictures?

    Pictures are taken and packaged through a third party service and are usually delivered around the last week of play. To receive your  pictures, attendance is required during the last week of play or at the very least at the award ceremony at the end of the playoffs. If you cannot make the last week of soccer or the playoffs, please make alternate plans with your coach on picking these items up. Nickel Centre Soccer is NOT responsible for pictures or medals not received if arrangements were not made with your coach. We do not deliver, attendance is required to pick them up.

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  1. Can I request a refund if my son or daughter chooses not to play?

    Refunds requested before the soccer season begins will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee and must be approved by the executive.

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  1. When are Registrations?

    Check club calendar.

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  1. What will the Schedule be like for this season?


    • Ages 4&5 Tuesday & Thursday 6PM
    • Age 6 Tuesday & Thursday 6:50PM
    • Ages 7&8 Tuesday & Thursday 6PM
    • Ages 9&10 Tuesday & Thursday 7:10PM
    • Ages 11&12&13 Monday & Wednesday 6PM
    • Ages >14 Monday & Wednesday 7:30PM

    The season will start after the May long weekend and end mid August

    ** subject to change based on registrations **

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Shin Pads

  1. Does my child need anything else to play?

    Yes, all players must have shin pads in order to play. Soccer balls for mini-field players and Timbits are encouraged. Soccer shoes for full-field players are encouraged but are not necessary. A guide for soccer ball sizes is listed below.


    Division   Ball size

    U4                3 (or 4 super light)

    U6                3 (or 4 super light)

    U7                3 (or 4 super light)

    U8                3 or 4 (or 4 super light)

    U9&U10      4 (or 5 light)

    U11&U12&U13    4 (or 5 light)

    U14+            5

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  1. Can my child play on the same team as his or her friend?

    There will be no friend requests. We only make accomodations for siblings.

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  1. Do you need volunteers?

    Yes, we are always in need for volunteers. Volunteers can have many different roles or responsibilities, depending on your level of commitment and time. We need coaches, assistant coaches, conveners, year-end play-off help and board members.

  2. What kind of year-end play-off help do we need?

    We need people to help with lunch, with children activities and to help decommission after the games. Any amount of support or time offered will be greatly appreciated and will significantly help the events run smoother.  We also sign-off on student hours for high schoolers. If interested in helping out at the year-end playoffs, please email the Club at [email protected]

  3. What is a Convener?

    Conveners are non-partial liaisons between coaches, parents and the board. Preferably, each division would have their own convener. Conveners hand out flyers at games; distribute uniforms, ice packs, etc. It is an important part of maintaining the flow of operations. If interested in becoming a convener, please email the Club at [email protected]

  4. Are board members paid?

    Board members are not paid or compensated in any way, we are strictly volunteers. We have families and full time jobs and donate as much time to NCS as needed to run this league. The more directors on our board, the more efficient we can become. If interested in becoming a board member, please email the Club at [email protected]

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