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Youth Recreational Soccer: fresh air, excercise, fun, 
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Nickel Centre Soccer

  1. What is Nickel Centre Soccer?

    Nickel Centre Soccer is a non-profit, youth, recreational soccer league. We are affiliated with Ontario Soccer and abide by their rules and regulations. We are community driven, organized and sponsored; the entire Club is composed of volunteers and we take great pride in watching our league grow. We have been able to maintain some of the lowest registration prices in the district because we have great sponsors that give generously. Please visit our sponsor’s page by clicking the Our Sponsors tab. NCS services Garson, Falconbridge, Skead, Coniston and parts of New Sudbury.

  2. How can I get in touch with Nickel Centre Soccer?

    We do all of our correspondence through out Facebook page and email. 

  3. What are the benefits of recreational soccer?

    Recreational soccer is a great way to ensure your child stays active and gets fresh air while also providing an opportunity for parents to engage in their community, relax and watch their children play! Nickel Centre Soccer wishes to promote soccer as an activity, where having fun and fostering sportsmanship is more important than winning every game. As a Club, our goal is to ensure each player feels like an integral part of their team. It’s important to us that every player has equal field time and can walk away from our season feeling gratified, rewarded and wanting to come back for another season.

  4. How can I stay informed about the Club news and updates?

    To stay informed about the NCS Club news and updates, please click on the 2023 Updates/Alerts tab.

  5. Are we looking for referees?

    Yes, we are always looking for referees. A potential ref must be 12 years old or older to become a referee. If interested in becoming a referee, please email the Club at [email protected]

  6. What is Ontario Soccer?


    Ontario Soccer was founded in 1901 and is one of the oldest and largest sport organizations in Canada. Ontario Soccer provides leadership and support for the advancement of soccer in collaboration and cooperation with our membership, partners and other stakeholders by providing exceptional and sustainable programs and services. The Association is made up of 21 District Offices and several Associate Members namely regional and provincial leagues. The District's membership are the more than 600 Youth Clubs and Senior Clubs across Ontario.


    Ontario Soccer is a proud member of the Canadian Soccer Association and part of FIFA, the world governing body for soccer.

    NCS is subject to the published rules in declining order of authority of the following governing organizations to which it is affiliated:

    1. Ontario Soccer

    2. The SRSA (District Association)

    3. Nickel Centre Soccer

  7. What is the SRSA?



    Established in 1946, and located in Sudbury, Ontario, the SRSA is the Governing Body of all soccer-related organizations within the Sudbury area.


    To promote, develop and administer the game of soccer, both indoor and outdoor, in the district.




    To represent and act on behalf of our Member organizations and assist them to develop and effectively administer soccer programs that promote the development of the mental, physical, social and leadership skills of their members.

    It reports to the Ontario Soccer Association provincially which reports to the Canadian Soccer Association nationally.


    NCS is subject to the published rules in declining order of authority of the following governing organizations to which it is affiliated:


    1. Ontario Soccer


    2. The SRSA (District Association)


    3. Nickel Centre Soccer

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  1. Does my child need cleats?

    Soccer cleats are mandatory.

  2. Does my child need shin pads to play?

    Yes, all players need to wear shin pads when playing soccer, it is mandatory. Socks should be worn on top of shin pads. If it is uncomfortable for your child we suggest wearing a pair of sock under the shin pads as well as the one on top. 

  3. Can my child wear a hat on the field?



    For safety reasons, players cannot wear hats, sunglasses or jewelry (necklaces, piercings, hair clips) while on the field.


  4. Can my child wear glasses or sunglasses on the field?

    For safety reasons, players cannot wear hats, glasses, sunglasses or jewelry accessories (necklaces, piercings, hair clips) while on the field.


    If your child doesn't wear eye contacts or cannot go without glasses for the game duration please contact us by email and we'll look into the matter.

  5. Can my child wear jewelry accessories?

    Players cannot wear hats, glasses, sunglasses or jewelry accessories (necklaces, piercings, hair clips) while on the field.

  6. What ball size should I get for my child?

    Active Start: Soccer Ball Size 3

    U7: Soccer Ball Size 3

    U10: Soccer Ball Size 4

    U14: Soccer Ball Size 5

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  1. What is the Registration Cost?

    Flat Fee: $130/player

  2. What does my Registration fee cover?

    Registration fees cover the cost of: field maintenance, insurance, referees, overhead, accounting, coaching supplies, equipment and year-end playoff medals and BBQ. Our sponsors help offset the cost of uniforms consisting of shirts, socks and shorts.

  3. Do I need to purchase any equipment?

    Parents/Guardians are required to provide proper soccer cleats, soccer shin pads, a soccer ball (see reference to ball size needed in FAQ-Safety Section-Questions 6.) and a water bottle for their child(ren). 

    Nickel Centre Soccer will provide soccer socks, soccer shorts and soccer jerseys.

    Things that Nickel Centre Soccer encourages parents/guardians to purchase for the soccer season: 

    -a big enough water bottle that closes properly.

    -Sunscreen (60 SPF)

    -Bug spray 

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  1. When are Registrations?

    Since our Board works on a volunteer basis we usually annouce our registration first on our Facebook page and under the 2023 Updates/Alerts tab on our website.

  2. What is the schedule like? What days are the games?

    Our goal is to have as many kids play soccer as possible. Many factors will determine the confirmation of the schedule: registration count, the amount of referees that commit, the amount of coaches that commit and others. We are very aware that some parents like to know exactly what day games are on before they register their kids. Note that we do the best we can to confirm the schedule as soon as possible.

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  1. What is the Age range for our league?

    We accept registrations from children turning between 4 and 14 years of age this calendar year.

  2. What is the youngest age my child can start playing?

    If they are 4 years old or if they will be turning 4 this year then they are eligible to play soccer. 

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  1. What are the Divisions for this season?

    Active Start, U7, U10 and U14.

  2. What does Active Start, U7, U10 and U14 mean?

    Age is determined by calendar year, not how old the child is prior or post season.


    Active Start: turning 4 or 5 (players born 2018-2019)


    U7: turning 6 or 7 (players born 2016-2017)


    U10: turning 8, 9 or 10 (players born 2013-2015)


    U14: turning 11, 12, 13 or 14 (players born 2009-2012)

  3. Can my child play up a division?

    For safety reasons, players must play in their respectful age division.

  4. Can my child play down a division?

    For safety reasons, players must play in their age division. If there are medical conditions or safety concerns, please communicate with us.

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  1. Where are games played?

    All games are played at the Falconbridge Centennial Park fields located beside the Falconbridge Community Centre (also known as the Falconbridge Recreation Centre).  Please check the Fields tab for instructions on how to get there.

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Game Cancelations

  1. How will I know if a game is cancelled?

    During rain days, the fields are assessed by the City. If the City determines the fields to be unsafe, the City will cancel the game. Games can also be cancelled by the referee if they consider the field conditions to be unsafe for the players. Lightning during play will also cancel the remander of a game. If the City cancels a game, we usually receive an email around 3:00 PM. We then post the cancellation on our 2023 Updates/Alerts tab and on our Facebook Page.

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  1. What will the Schedule be like for this season?


    • Active Start Tuesday & Thursday (times to be determined)
    • U7 Tuesday & Thursday (times to be determined)
    • U10 Tuesday & Thursday (times to be determined)
    • U14 Tuesday & Thursday (times to be determined)

    The season will start around mid June and end mid August

    ** subject to change based on registrations **

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  1. Can I volunteer?

    Yes, we are always in need for volunteers. Volunteers can have many different roles or responsibilities, depending on your level of commitment and time. We need coaches, assistant coaches, conveners, year-end play-off help and board members. Communicate with us by email or Facebook Messenger to make us aware of your interest.

  2. What kind of help is needed for the year-end play-off?

    We need people to help with lunch, with children activities and to help decommission after the games. Any amount of support or time offered will be greatly appreciated and will significantly help the events run smoother.  We also sign-off on student hours for high schoolers. If interested in helping out at the year-end playoffs, please email the Club at [email protected]

  3. What is a Convener?

    Conveners are non-partial liaisons between coaches, parents and the board. Preferably, each division would have their own convener. Conveners hand out flyers at games; distribute uniforms, ice packs, etc. It is an important part of maintaining the flow of operations. If interested in becoming a convener, please email the Club at [email protected]

  4. Are board members paid?

    Board members are not paid or compensated in any way, we are strictly volunteers. We have families and full time jobs and donate as much time to NCS as needed to run this league. The more members on our board, the more efficient we can become. If interested in becoming a board member, please email the Club at [email protected]

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Same Team Request

  1. Can my child play on the same team as his or her friend?

    Unfortunately, there will be no friend requests. We will only make accomodations for siblings.

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  1. Will there be pictures?

    Nickel Centre Soccer does not offers professionally done pictures this season.

    We are looking at alternative ways to make this possible in the future.

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  1. Can I request a refund if my child chooses not to play?

    Refunds requested before the soccer season begins will be subject to a $35.00 administration fee and must be approved by the executive.

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